Apps Like LetGo – Best Apps 2016

Apps Like LetGo - Best Apps 2016

About LetGo

If you love buying or selling used stuff that you no longer need then you have to attempt out either the LetGo app or apps like LetGo.

LetGo is one of many apps that permits you to buy and sell secondhand stuff either locally or around the world, depending on the search range you select.

This app was created to create a elementary way for users to sell things around their neighborhood that they no longer want or need. With LetGo, you can post items on the app within 30 seconds, list for free with up to Five photos per listing, a simplified seller profile and more.

If you are a buyer, then LetGo permits you to quickly find things you are looking for at a bargain price, private talk with sellers to find out more information regarding the items listed, browse within your neighborhood, city or state, plus many other features as well.

Even tho’ LetGo is a well respected shopping app to use, there are some other apps like LetGo that may be a better fit for some people. Take a look at the list below.

Five Best Apps Like LetGo


A excellent app that permits you to buy and sell items nearby is Wallapop. This app is available for download everywhere but there are a handful of cities where it is supported the most. If you are in one of the most supported cities then this app acts just like your neighborhood’s garage sale and city’s flea market. Similar to other apps like LetGo, buyers can find what they are looking for within seconds of using the app.

  • Make Money Selling Online
  • Save Money Buying Used Items
  • Available Everywhere


OfferUp is said to be the largest market for local buying and selling used stuff in the world. Now, we will obviously let you determine if that is true or not but this app is to be considered one of the best apps like LetGo for buying and selling used items in your local area. OfferUp shows you what is selling within your desired location, permits you to securely message the seller, browse items by picture, category or location and more.

  • Buy &, Sell In Your Local Market
  • Said To Be The Largest Market Place
  • Different Search Options To Browse


Mercari claims to be the best shopping app out there today but who knows if that is true. However, we do know that it ranks in the top Five best apps like LetGo that you can download to buy fine items at a bargain price or sell things in your local area. No matter if you are a buyer or a seller, Mercari is very effortless to use. If you are selling something, just take a picture, write a quick description and post it within seconds.

  • Post An Item To Sell Within Seconds
  • Buy Items At Bargain Prices
  • Regular Promotions &, Prizes


Another app that offers a fine community for buying and selling locally is 5miles. If you are looking for the best classifieds in your area then you may want to consider this app. 5miles has many categories including but not limited to hiring for services, finding a job, buying or selling used cars, electronics, furniture and housing. If you want one of the best apps like LetGo that provides you with more then just selling and buying items then 5miles is your app.

  • Search Best Classifieds In Your Area
  • Buy &, Sell Locally
  • Make Offers, List Items &, Jobs For Free


VarageSale is the ideal app to substitute your ordinary neighborhood garagesale. This app is nice because it is open 24/7 and you don’t have to drive anywhere to buy anything. With VarageSale, you can browse for items by categories, praise other for a sleek transaction, get real-time notifications, and get answers to your questions regarding specific items for sale. VarageSale may be one of the best apps like LetGo for finding ordinary items you would find in a garagsale.

  • Similar To Your Neighborhood GarageSale
  • Praise Members For Sleek Transactions
  • Find Items At a Discounted Rate

These are the Five best apps like LetGo where you can buy or sell locally. If you have used other apps like LetGo to buy or sell items please let us know by contacting us today.

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