For anyone looking for free talk rooms online, this is undoubtedly the place to be.

For anyone looking for free chat rooms online, this is definitely the place to be.

its kool you can talk to Singles just like me its joy and you can talk to alot of people you get fresh friends =]

Dark Angel

i love this place. there are so many kool ppl on here. i’ve beein going on teenage talk for about Trio yrs and i absolutely love it! I met my bf on here. love ya mwa <,Trio


This site is like the best talk site u can go to. u meet alot of superb people. The free talk rooms here rock!


I have just began and I am already struck! It’s safe even with a few jacks, but hey! you cant cep them away. I hope I meet some fresh friends. This site is just what i need. Best free talk rooms I’ve found.

Geez, Teenage talk.. lots of things are fine about it, I talk to a lot of cool people that know how to make me laugh. 😛 Lots of nice people and I love to Roleplay in the Wrestling Talk. Teenage talk is a amazing hangout place where you could just chill. For anyone looking for free talk rooms online, this is undoubtedly the place to be. 😛


Been here for 8-9 years and seen a ton of very positive switches. Dan, you indeed ARE the man. You give people a place to go to make friends, friends who will accept them for who they are very first, then get to know what they look like and stuff. Its the best place I’ve ever found for that. Thanks for providing me a home for so many years.


I love teenage talk! It is sooooo kool and a fine place to meat ppl! I go to teenage shack a lot so if your ever there look for me I’m always sarahboo91. well ttul ppl!

Jennifer B

teenage talk is an awesome place to talk and make fresh friends


me likes teenage talk ^_^ is an awesome site i have been coming here. um i left behind how long i been coming to this site but its a long time lol and any fresh pplz ! welcome!

Joe (Brittany)

Don’t know what room to pick i loves them all, i’ve been coming here for i say the past Five years i love this place it’s the best place to meet fresh friends. I know so many ppl i met on here, i have even meet a duo from areas close to me it’s fine, it’s nice to meet people from all around.


ha, the only place that never fail to get a laugh outta me. the emo talk is the best!


I LOVE THESE Talk ROOMS!! I’ve met a lot of pretty cool people and made TONS of friends!! yall are doin a good job!! keep up the good work! cuz it ROCKZ! 🙂 XOXO

teenage talk is a superb place to meet awesome ppl and if ya need to talk about something you can theres always a room you can find that can help your problem or just to talk, many of time i have come on to teenage talk coz i have something i need to talk about with someone but find it hard to go to friends or family. its just a mad culo site all round, thanx to Dan.

The Soul Collector

Man, I love teenage talk! It lets me use my creative ideas and lets me express myself in ways I wouldn’t normally, I especially love how I can put in parts of my book and see what other people think of it, all i gotta say is, Teenage Talk rocks, owwwww.


Teenage talk is awesome! I been using it since i was like 14. it’s just cool when you come on and your friends are on you just know that you can always find someone to talk to you can always meet fresh ppl.

Carlos Benker

Teenage talk is a place where people can connect with people around the world.i like to talk with different people.:)

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