I actually liked having that 6-months free, but the main benefit is that fulfilling the requirements of the assure acts as sort of a dating coach.

I actually enjoyed having that 6-months free, but the main benefit is that fulfilling the requirements of the guarantee acts as sort of a dating coach.

UPDATE: February 21, 2016: In addition the the Match.com 3-day free trial and other Match.com coupons, Match has informed me that they are now suggesting a 25% off Match.com promo code!

UPDATE: January 7, 2013: Match has discontinued the 7-day free trial, however, there is still a Match.com 3-day free trial.

As I’ve mentioned many times, match.com is my dearest dating website. They have a fine combination of solid features, and a massive membership base. There are lots of other dating sites that fulfill particular niches, but it’s hard to hammer match.com.

I often get asked “Is Match.com free?” Match.com is free to sign up, pack out a profile, and wink (however, guys, you don’t want to wink), but to send messages to other members, and to read messages you receive, you have to be a paid member. You can learn more about the costs of Match.com in my post, how much does Match.com cost?

All over the Match.com site, you will see advertised a 3-day match.com free trial, with which you can communicate with other members. This is superb, but Three days is a little taut. Not much time to indeed make connections and secure dates.

But I found a much better promo, a Match.com free trial that lasts for 7 days!. If you use this coupon and get 7 days to There is now only a match.com 3-day free trial, but if you send a bunch of one-line hooks, you can undoubtedly secure a few dates for free.

Note: There’s no longer a 7-day free trial suggested, but you can get the Match.com 3-day free trial.

Note: The 6-month assure for Match is no longer available. You’d be better off getting the 20% 25% off Match.com promo code.

6-Month Ensure to boot if you sign up after the Match.com 3-day free trial

After your trial is over, I do recommend going with the 6-month membership that comes with the ensure . Basically, if you go after the requirements of this promo (have a profile photo active the entire time, keep your profile active the entire time, and contact at least Five members a month), and don’t find someone special during that time, you get another 6-months free. I’ve had this assure granted before, and – I know – what good is a service that didn’t work for you in the very first place?

I actually liked having that 6-months free, but the main benefit is that fulfilling the requirements of the assure acts as sort of a dating coach. You have to contact at least Five members a month – so maybe you send out one-line hooks to a few matches whom you were on the fence about and might not have contacted otherwise. I dated a doll for about Three months who fell into this category – it was a good practice I very likely wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The hardest part of fulfilling the requirements of your ensure is keeping your profile active. If you’re contacting at least five members a month, you’re most likely going on some dates, and chances are you will meet someone to the point where you feel like you should deactivate your profile. So, keep the assure requirements in mind before you do this. Maybe you keep your profile active and send a few obligatory e-mails because you have to? It depends on what you’re comfy with.

So, sign up for your Match.com 3-day free trial by clicking here for the coupon.

Total disclosure: I do get a petite referral fee if you embark paying for match.com. I provide all of this advice for free despite lots of time invested and hosting fees etc., so I feel that’s fair. But, I absolutely wouldn’t recommend any service I didn’t think was fine.

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