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The remark trailer park

– Teenage talk is a good place to talk, fine place to kill time and u meet alot of interesting people! Teenage talk is awesome:)

I am like one of teenage talks fattest chatters. I’m on here every day and I have to say. I LOVE IT!! its mondo awesome especially when i meet people who actually know what music there talking about instead of attempting to fit in .. im a metilist and nothing else soo its awesome! I LOVES IT.

i <,Three this site! i’ve met so many cool people off it! i’ve been here Trio years now too and i cant wait to keep using it xoxox


Yo everything about these talk rooms is awesome! I meed fresh people and have a blast talking with them. Been coming for 6 months and never a abate moment.


I absolutely Love Teenage Talk. I’ve met a bunch of excellent people and i love to roleplay. Dan, you’re a genius! =]]


Hey, TeenChat is awesome. Personally, it’s very likely the only free talk room that is jam packed with awesome people all over the world. I couldn’t ask for a better talk room.



Alla Vampire

I love this place. It’s so total of diverse and wild people that you’re tied to find someone that you get along with. I know I have.

Teenage talk is a brill place to talk and know everyone! You get a few odd people but after all its superb and joy place to be.


hi there pll i think this site is ace u meet fresh frends and have joy at times lol


I love teenage talk its so cool there are so many cool people on ere its awesome


I’ve been on Teenage Talk for a long time. I’ve met so many friends on here, in my area and in others. and I’m still friends with all of them! Teenage Talk is excellent, it also helped me when i lost someone and when i was going through harsh times.


This site rocks my sox!! The talk rooms here are one of a kind and so effortless to use and the peeps are incredible! Awesome!

Good talk rooms to come if your bored and you just want to talk to cool people! which most in here are!

Teenage Talk is mad poppin. surely da best iv gotten. cograts on da page yall.


I love teenage talk! Ive been coming in these talk rooms for years. They’re cool and everyone is nice. I have a lot of good friends in the talk rooms. ^_^ Hope all the beginners have joy.

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