Most Successful Online Dating Sites: Top Three Sites for Women

Most Successful Online Dating Sites: Top 3 Sites for Women

Ten Apr The Top Three Most Successful Online Dating Sites For Women

By Joshua Pompey

Since I began helping women with online dating, I’ve been asked a entire lot of questions over the years.

What’s the best way to write a very first email?

How many profile pictures should I have?

Joshua, why are you so remarkable?

Okay, maybe not that last one. A man can wish however right?

But one of the most common questions I am often asked is, “What online site do you recommend I join?”

Well very first and foremost, I’d like to preface this article with the advice that you never truly know what site love will find you on. I’ve worked with many clients who wound up finding love on a site that was not all that promising from the onset.

But with that said, after a decade of working in this industry, the following Three sites would be my top recommendations.


Match.Com has the fattest advantage in terms of sheer numbers, ways to initiate contact, and overall features. If you are looking to play the numbers game by going on as many quality dates as possible until you find that face to face chemistry, this site will bring you the highest possibility of success.

Match.Com can sometimes be a victim of its own size. The never-ending amount of options to choose from can sometimes promote a culture of serial dating that creates the paradox of choice amongst its daters.

Match.Com reigns supreme as the best overall choice for a dating site.


OkCupid is free, has a question and reaction section that provides a much better indication of someones personality than other sites, has a lot less “noise” than Match.Com in regards to how you can contact someone, and has an enormously user friendly interface.

At the time of this publication, if you are over 40 you will not find almost as many quality matches as Match.Com or Eharmony. In addition, free sites are often packed with players or members who don’t take the process as gravely as paying sites.

Overall Recommendation: Match.Com is my very first choice for women 35 and under. For women over 35 it reigns 2nd to match.


A more extensive matchmaking algorithm, a pre-packaged messaging format, and a feature that only permits you to contact members that EHarmony considers you to be a match with.

A limited capability to message who you’d like to message, a very time consuming sign up process, and the platform does not feel almost as user friendly as Match and OkCupid. In addition, common feedback from clients of mine has always been that there aren’t all that many attractive people in comparison to other sites.

I tell all my clients the same thing. Four out of Five people I speak to seem to hate this site with a passion. Yet, for every Four people I meet that hate Eharmony, I seem to meet 1 person who found the love of their life. And for that reason, I still keep it in the top Three recommendations, but buyer beware.

Should I join more than one site?

My recommendation would be to always sign up for 1 free site and 1 paying site.

Do niche sites work?

In most cases, no. They tend to be packed with a lot of fake profiles and do not have very active user bases. If you are Jewish, J-Date is excellent. And Christian Mix, I’d give a strong, “meh” too. Other than that, I cannot confidently say I’d recommend any niche sites that I’ve encountered over the past Ten years.

But before you embark upon finding someone on any site…,

Very first and foremost, you will want to acquire the right skill to set yourself up for true online dating success. You can read slew of my best free online dating advice for women here.

Secondly, you will want to equip yourself with a flawless online dating profile. To learn why my professional profile writers have had a success rate of over 99% since 2009, just visit my world famous profile writing service and get embarked on landing your quality man today!

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