OurTime Reviews – 152 Reviews of, Sitejabber

OurTime Reviews - 152 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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There are SO many things wrong with OurTime

– It will not ",Recall me", for login.

– There is constant nagging to renew or ",upgrade,", i.e., pay more for features of questionable value. You see these annoying notices practically every time you click your mouse.

– It',s very hard to narrow searches to distances near you. Unlikely I think for ",matches", that OurTime picks out for you.

– Yot can specify to see only profiles with a photo, but you still see profiles without photos.

– You get an email telling you have a message. You click See Message. Instead of taking you to the message it nags you. to reactivate or upgrade. (I turned off auto-renew, planning to abandon when paid subscription is done.)

– OurTime will send you an email telling you you have a message, but truly it',s a ",Flirt", (Flirts are pretty meaningless, like ",Hi.)

– The interface for Messages is totally confusing.

I signed up for one Month and they still bill me after Four months. This sounds like the Attorney General needs to step in. I was hit up 25 times by escorts with numbers. This was a joke and embrassing. To find a Quality Lady didn',t mean a

Quality Lady that has dated everyone, No thanks.

My one time subscription and I',ve been billed for

Four months. FRAUD

Our Time liquidated my information and substituted it with someone else',s profile pictures.

The ",Hack", was an internal issue and they deny to take ANY responsibility for their careless and reckless technology or error. YOUR information is NOT SAFE with Our Time, or whoever they call their overseas business name. I have cancelled my account and suggest ANYONE else registered with OT does the same!!

Ive met a lovely lady on OurTime and im very glad. In fact, this afternoon I cancelled my account. I was getting a bit frustrated up until a month or so ago when I met Irene but it only takes one, so my advice is keep attempting! A few of my work colleagues are divorced and use primetimelove.com, so that was my next port of call. But now I hope ill be away from the world of web dating for good. Fingers crossed, slow but constant!

Our Time',s program is written in such a way that unauthorized charges are billed to the user. This occurs because one cannot simply indicate they',re not interested in extra perks as there',s NO button to dismiss the prompt. Instead the user is Compelled to close the box by clicking the X in the top right arm corner. Sometimes it closes, and sometimes it creates unauthorized charges. The user is incapable to access their account until the box is liquidated. Our Time indeed needs to fix this shady practice.

I signed up for a free trial. After Two days I was unhappy and deleted my account. I was not witnessing anyone who would be my match. I called customer service to let them know. I was told I was not charged due to it being a free trial. I just got my bank statement and was charged $33.95. When I called customer service I was told that this was not a trial when I signed up. Even tho’ I cancelled my account after Two days they will not give me a refund. They still made me pay for a months service. What a big scam this site is. I did get two guys that were scammers, that is another reason why I cancelled my account. Reporting this site to the BBB.

Two or three times, my account password (which is saved by browser) has clearly been breached. All I ever get is the call center in the Philippines. Nothing against this country, but answers are all scripted. The last time I phoned I said I will not speak to anyone except a security professional based in the US (who knows if there are any!) Nothing. Refused to help me. So I phoned the office of Mark Schneider, VP of investor relations in Fresh York',s IAC office. They are the parent company of ",Match group", which wields virtually every internet dating site in this country. Two calls, and I asked for a person to talk with in OURTIME security. So far no response. If you want to attempt your luck, you can reach Mr. Schneider at 212-314-7400. Good luck!

I',ve been looking for a good site that I can pay for (that way I know the people are serious about finding a real relationship) and get the most out of. Ourtime is undoubtedly a good bet, and another one id recommend is PrimeTimeLove.com. These sites give good value for money and have a lot of people inwards them that want real companionship towards retirement or beyond. We',re not naive at this age, we all have practice and it',s about finding somewhere we can share those practices with people who are looking for something true and meaningful. That',s my opinion anyway. And ourtime is just about right, not a bad site at all.

This site leaked my individual informational i was contacted by one of their members which was likely a fake profile user, which they have many of. At least 20% of the people who contacted me embarked with the usual ",you are gorgeous", Line and in the next sentence, send me your email, because I can',t be on this platform. Having the practice that I do detecting fake profiles, I never gave anyone my info but ourtime did. I asked for my money back and they declined. In addition, most studs are Five.7, white conservative Christians, so albeit, I made a massive effort to connect, I was met with insults because I am metaphysical and not good enough since I am not Christian or white. several responses I got were thanks but no thanks, I am a big supporter of Donald Trump, because I noted I am a liberal, this site proved to be to special to SOME people. Sadly, I did pay for 6 months. They get no starlets from me, but this site did not permit me not to give them at least one.Now I know why they only have 1.Five starlet review.

Let me commence by telling I',m so glad I only signed for one month, I don',t think I could stand another Two months of looking any anymore ugly, old and overweight women, what',s laughable is reading their expectations, 5-2", tall, a few extra pounds, hairdresser seeks tall, sexy, physically fit, successful man who likes to help out around the house, cooking and providing massages, indeed. If a man was ALL of that, do you think he would want someone like you? look in the mirror when you ask yourself that question OK?.

No reply from the likes, does not match you up in any way form or form, dreamed to upgrade for everything, most of the women on here are snobs, looking for someone to fund their retirement

It',s a scam. The majority of interest came from people in other states. There were messages in the am from interested people when I went into my account to react the same day. Message was gone. A duo of weeks before my subscription was going to renew, I had lots of activity on my account. Once the auto payment when through, there is very little activity. So they are able to manipulate, views, and messages. The only person I talked to is in a call center, they will not refund my money. It',s a rip off.

Albeit ive not met anyone yet that I would have a romantic relationship with, im glad I gave online dating a go. I embarked on OurTime and have been using that for two months now, after realising that it was time to get back on the pony following a somewhat nasty divorce process. I thought I would leave a review on it here as Ive liked using the site and as a beginner it truly was ideal for cracking me into the online dating scene. Im now using a site called PrimeTimeLove.com which id seen some good reviews on and is a very similar idea but in my area (Milton Keynes) Im finding that there are a higher number of ladies demonstrating up in my searches. This has in turn translated into more actual dates, which were few and far inbetween on the very first site (albeit as I say, it indeed was ideal for getting me used to the way it all works). Overall, I would recommend the site if you are a beginner and looking to embark slow but then suggest attempting other senior (not my favourite phrase) dating sites in order to find one that fits you and your local area better. Good luck!

Today was the 3rd time I called to have my auto pay refunded. I cancelled back in May. Each time I was reassured that there would be no more charges. The bank has switched my card because it was compromised but Our Time is able to charge! This time, they couldn',t even find my account (right, it',s cancelled), nor could they find my charge number – yet they charged it on 8/25/17. How is that possible??

This is not a good site! Earnestly folks – they matched me with defunct profiles to get me pumped up. but I searched the users and found from the back door when they last logged in. may as well be talking to the wall. Also, many times the message box gets highlighted. but there is no message. In general, the matching criteria are garbage and their sorting of messages/emails/matches are defective. I mean — why spend time emailing to defunct profiles and waiting for a response. which their own algorithms just matched you with? They hide a lot of this by not providing the sorting capabilities to quickly see these scams. Save your money.

WOW I knew escorts had there own site but on

Our time for older dudes. I was hit up 25 times over a

Five hour time. I was given phone number built in there fake profile. Very offened that attempting a quality

Lady and the escorts attack. Our time sent me a

Lawyer brief that your kidding me I am supposed to

Understand those terms. Right shut this site down

It',s totally fraud.

I have attempted Three times to call an correct things. They attempted to make it my fault. I have switched my password like they said. I am still receiving flirts from women. They are disappointed because they are attempting to flirt with a fellow. It is the worse.

They',ve posted the same picture of a man twice, on the same page but under different names.

They',ve also used a photo of a man who',s been used in their UK TV adverts. &, evidently he',s found someone. Go figure.

I signed up for Our Time for a six month subscription and thought it would work for my age – over 50, There was very few profiles in my area that were under 60 years old. The navigation and search features were worse than some of the free dating sites that I have attempted. I was fully and totally frustrated with the entire site.

I paid 121 $$ for six month and I expected to find somebody without annoying advertisements interruptions, every Two seconds ad pops up covers all screen, without option to eliminate it, its very disturbing, I plan to cancel membership, if I need to observe advertisements I can observe it for free and not for money, will go back to other dating site

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, What do the shaded areas mean on particular profiles &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I also don',t recall any shaded areas. Whatever, don',t get involved with this company. If you will read some of the. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Why does Our Time post profiles onto it',s members ",My Views", when the customer never views them ? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, KAl us correct. When you log on, there are a duo of profiles thT showcase up for you to rate. You have now just viewed. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, How can you tell if someone got your message? and if someone has viewed my profile a number of times but not reached. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, You can',t unless they react to you, OR pay OurTime for a message they the user got your note. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, commercial on tv says free trial for a week I did profile but cant look at any messages &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Welcome to the dating site rip-off! They are all that way. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, If you block someone do all the messages you sent back and forward get deleted? &rdquo,

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