FDating Reviews – 28 Reviews of, Sitejabber

FDating Reviews - 28 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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This site is utter of scam artists. When you delete your old profile and post a fresh one, they secretly ban you. Avoid at all costs.

Been using it for months now and cant indeed say anything negative about it. Those who are whining all women are fake.. they can ask themselves how real theyre themselves? – One needs to be interesting enough to get responses.. Ive sent and received over 800 messages and seems Ive found my very first real love there. Now waiting this amazing lady to come to visit me.

Its ALL about promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! This website is collecting your private information – very likely to use themselves or for resale to other websites – promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! You have been WARNED!! Nothing in life is FREE.

I am 100% certain this site is for the benefit of female scammers from Ukraine and Russia. I have met some of them and it is all about what she can scam from you. Some of them are not demonstrable and others just want to get you on the hook for an all paid vacation and sbopping. Most of them don',t even look like their profile photos. They re register their profiles and in reality they have been doing this for years. The site owners know this, but will not do anything about it because it will hurt their traffic stats. Good look everyone, but you are better off fining a ho in yo rubber hood.

I found a woman in fdating website that has still not clear intention even if we met many times for real. She only knows to get and never to give anything. I do not like this kind of persons. In relation must be Two persons, not only one. She poses like a victim of life and make others guilty for this. Only theatre all our discussions and meetings and travels. She is on fdating only for own interest, for making money. I waste my time and energy and ressources with such a person. My expectations was to meet person with clear intentions, but i see that i found wrong person.

I found a woman in fdating website that has still not clear intention even if we met many times for real. She only knows to get and never to give anything. I do not like this kind of persons. In relation must be Two persons, not only one. She poses like a victim of life and make others guilty for this. I waste my time and energy and ressources with such a person. My expectations was to meet person with clear intentions, but i see that i found wrong person.

This site is run by scammers catering to the scammers from Russia and Ukraine. It used to be a good site a few years ago. I have observed this site decline over the years to the point that this site has nothing but scammers.. mostly female scammers from Russia and Ukraine. The site intentionally keeps these photoshopped pics to attract traffic. In the end, if you should be fortunate to land with a scammer.. good luck – she will take you for all you',ve got.

I found many interesting women here from Eastern Europe and its east to find your love for free from Ukraine , Russia and Belarus

I found my love there. A lot of people complain that there messages don',t get answers.. what if you are ugly and nobody id interested in you? I am masculine sent out about 20 hellos and Ten of them were replied.

Hello for everyone! I want share my happiness because with fdating site I found my good playmate. Maybe am fair woman with open heart but I was there only 5days and found him. After I deleted my profile. I read more scammers and fake woman and damsels maybe I don',t know. All for man wish to find good person for themselves.

same as other people I registered in the past nd was fine sendind nd receiving messages.now registered again in 2017 profile temporarely unavailable noone can receive your messages but website team doesn t response nd doesn t warn

I did a search attempting to find other similar websites to Fdating when I came across these reviews and thought I would post my own fair practice.

For further common sense, realistic, suggestions you should read Ian',s review below as he makes many good points

Three years ago i registered this website. in a month i met with Trio damsels with different locations. everything was fine. i was talking with so many damsels. i had been Two years relationship with a damsel i met her in this website.

Like Max,I have joined the site and my profile is always unavailable.Why?I cannot understand what is happening.

maybe I was fortunate or Idont know, but I wills say in my practice this website is real.

I read other comment below telling that studs only sit on their butt and wait for the women to do the forst stir , bu honestly I dont know how this person did it or how was her/ his age or appearance but in my case this is downright inaccurate.

i went straight forward and determine what I was looking for: age, looks, nacionality religion and even if they have or not kids ( which for me was in significant). I showcased my profile pics and send it, to be fair Im not the kind of woman who does the firs stir , never did in my real life why doiung it in a website (I had my doubts ant that satge) so I waited for man , and messages kicking off to poor one after another, I wouldnt say that I spoke to everyone but the ones I spoke to had good conversation, days passed by until I found the person that for me was THE ONE (at least the one to keep on contact with)

we spoke on the site for duo days, than over whatsapp then week after over Skype, I confirmed we was not a Psycho and then big step, meeting in person across the continents, duo times I went to see him, he came to my country Two years later we are married. so I think it works deoending what you are looking for and whats your actitud at the moment to get into those sites, Im not telling that some peopole or porfiles are scam but in my case it turned out the best decision in my life!

Ok, I gave this site three starlets because it is the only site I have attempted that actually turned up a real woman behaving like a sane human being and willing to work at a relationship like an adult rather than a 13 year old. HOWEVER, there are a duo of things users have to understand to get the most out of this site.

Peak for consumers: This site has numerous genuine women and could work for you but be careful! Caveats in the review.

I joined the site before and never had such problems registering. My profile was also approved before.. BUT now. My profile is. ",Temporarily Unavailable!", I don',t understand what',s going on with their site but went on for months. I can',t get hold with the representative of the site because they don',t response. If your managing a site. You should always reaction. It doesn',t matter how petite of a team you are! This site was good before but now it is total $#*!. I know the site is free but they should know how to manage their site decently. I hope they get fresh management for the site and fix the problems asap! This site is just half arse/Ten at best. Advice. Get fresh management or a good team.

This site is a total bull$#*! , if I was sending messages to graves in a cemetery they were more likely to reaction than profiles in this site .

I am a lady from Ukraine. I want to tell you how do I see the situation about this site from my point of view. I am youthful enough, I knew this site from the friend of my mother and she recomended it as a site, where serious boys are looking for serious relations (by the way, this lady came from London and is an example of fair and veritable woman). And all my friends who are just getting money from internation guys use another sites. No one, who I know works at this site. Only women, who are looking for serious relations register at it.

It used to be a good website to meet women from East Europe. Actually I met two or three real chicks there, I tell you they were real because I dated some of them and one was my former gf, who I visited in Russia. Nowadays there are many fake profiles and scammers there. It',s a shame such a good website is now crowded of many fraudulent people, because it',s a free meeting place and the better things in life are supposed to be free.

It?s a free website, 100% free, hence the Three starlets. 98% of the profiles are scammers. I have used this website on and off for Five years for joy, and significant to note is, 1) I never met anyone in person from this website. Two) I?ve written to well over 20k members in Five+ years and have very likely talked to 100 real people on skype. Trio) Many of the damsels who are real are not indeed looking for relationships, they are looking for English conversations, albeit they say relationship so you will practice your English with them. Many are also not interested in leaving Russia. Four) Any profile where the woman looks gorgeous is a scammer. Every doll I spoke to there on skype with cam and speakers was average looking. Five) About 1 our of 100 scammers there use cam and speakers on skype. You can notice they are scammers by these things, Either they have no microphone but a movie only, – their behavior and the way they are dressed (the non-scammers do make themselves look nice, maybe where a scarf, when they are talking to you the very first time. Appearance is enormously significant for Russian women even on cam. the scammers are a bit muddy and trashy ie they seem less educated which is effortless to tell – anbother example is the scammers will eat while talking to you, real russian ladies would not dare do this on cam the very first time they talk to you), – anyone who messages and says they do not have skype or a microphone or cam is a scammer, – any woman not from Ukraine or Russia on this website is a scammer. 100% assured. – Lastly, before joining this website go to a language exchange website like interpals, talk to some people from there on cam and speakers so you see how real russian chicks behave on cam and how they sound. Only then can you quickly tell when you actually talk or see a scammer fromj fdating (P.S. Interpals deepthroats, and is only for friendship, but get familair with russian women before you get scammed).

All in all this is a decent website considering it is free, and your expectations have to be low ie you won?t meet models and chances are very high that you can only talk to 2-3 ladies every month on cam on skype, and they will not be wanting to leave russia.

As far as the above comments, anyone who leaves this website a high mark, or anyone whos ays they met chicks from this website, are being paid by the website to write those reviews. No sane person can say this website has less than 98% scammers.

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, why on fdating Profile is temporarily unavailable. but Profile status: Approved Display in gallery: Yes &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I have the same problem, maybe ? created 20 accounts more and it does not work, I attempted it with different pc and. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, i just joined here but why still nobody response me and my user viewed after one week is still zero? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Just press on your id number, I think your profile is unavaliable! &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, my profile is not going online &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, I have now been using the Sits for 2nd time, and it is my strong conviction is not genuine. I believe is run by an. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, I have problem registering on this website, before everything was fine then ? deleted to my profike and attempt to. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, No, there is absolutely no f-king solution, mate. This site is a joke its been working chaotically, no site. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, I have created my profile for long now and I have not been able to get contact with anyone &rdquo,

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