Older guys with long hair, Tumblr

Older men with long hair, Tumblr

Hello, I wished to say the love children AU is pretty amazing. Also, don',t take my request if it',s unusual or inapropiate, but I would indeed like to see papa Yuuri. Welcomes.

hello!! thank you very much

yesterday i was doodling older beka, so after watching your message i thought, why not drawing all of them. and so i did

yuuri is pretty much the same, here in japan a lot of older studs use long hair like idols&hellip, some of them are very hot, some of them are ridicolous&hellip,&hellip,&hellip, but yuuri was already adorable to begin with so no problems

once yuuri told victor that he indeed liked the longer hair he had when he was junior. bam, harm was done. he&rsquo,s in a bit of a mid-life crisis now but at least he&rsquo,s not getting bald like he was afraid of

yuri has long long hair but it will never admit why. beka loves passing his fingers through them so yuri likes them even more. he had them also when they had milo but had to cut them bc milo continued to pull them

beka is a bounty from the gods and yuri loves that stubble so so so so much, he&rsquo,s always stinging and smooching his chin.

((man i&rsquo,m not good at drawing older characters s forgive me if they just look scarcely different from their normal versions haha)

Aye shameless selfies because I felt adorable

&ldquo,This is ridiculous, if Dean see&rsquo,s me he&rsquo,ll never let it go.&rdquo,

&ldquo,Come on, I think it looks sexy! Plus, it&rsquo,ll keep your hair out of your face while you&rsquo,re reading, or hunting, or-&rdquo,

Y/n – your name Y/l/n – Your last name Y/e/c – your eye color Y/h/c – your hair color

Prompt – She burst from the tree line and the moment she spotted the group, she put her forearms up and shouted &ldquo,Not Infected!&rdquo,

Word Count : 1,569

Warnings : cursing, blood, gore, mentions of death, its the fucking walking dead what you expect? (Takes place in Season Four. Terminus)

She put her head in her forearms and sighed, tears streaming down her face as she realized her entire family was gone. However it may have been a week since it happened she felt sick, when would they just end her suffering by killing her. Y/n knew they had lured more people in which meant her time would come soon, but that didn&rsquo,t mean she&rsquo,d go out without a fight. &ldquo,Zip ties. They tied mom and dad up with zip ties&rdquo, She exclaimed in a whisper, she had been instructed how to free from a zip tie in case she was kidnapped so she needed to be careful. She looked down at the laces of her converse high tops and sighed, she needed the plastic part at the peak of the lace to do this and those were long gone. Impatiently tapping against the support rafter in the corner she thought of a way to get out of her mess, flinching when something poked her finger. Looking down at her finger Y/n realized she had a splinter, the old wood could help her loop her laces through the zip tie and she could get free.

She crawled over to the plank and ripped a section of her hoodie&rsquo,s sleeve off, it had worn out and ripped anyway so she could find another use for the futile fabric. Y/n stuck the fabric, that had become stiff and rough with blood, in-between the pole and a lump of wood that poked out before sawing. When she deemed it lengthy enough she yanked it off, being careful of hurting her finger any further and using the back of her drill to scrape it down a little. Y/n pulled her finger away when the splinter was skinny enough but still looked somewhat sturdy, she took the end of one shoelace and stuck it through the fabric until it looked like a sewing needle with thread. She tucked that securely away into her shoe only minutes before the smoke bomb came in and she was dragged out by two guys, leisurely losing her consciousness. Y/n was the very first to wake up, she was on her knees in front of a trough with her gams and arms tied behind her back with a dirty rag in her mouth.

She discreetly looked to either side of her bod, on one side there was a youthfull Asian man and the other was a slightly older man with longer hair. There were more dudes around her, all lined up in front of the same thing she was and all a significant amount of years older than her. Y/n shook her head a little to budge some of her y/h/c hair from her y/e/c eyes, observing the rest leisurely wake up she determined she should most likely commence working on cracking out. Feeling around her shoe she looked for the point, wincing slightly when it poked her mitt but overlooking the agony so she could work on her plan. She stuck the wood through the petite opening of the zip tie around her feet and used her other palm to pull it through, beginning her sawing through the plastic as the thump of baseball hitting head rang through the room. Y/n clenched her eyes shut attempting to block out the noises and concentrate on the task at forearm, gagging a little as she hears the man&rsquo,s mouth is sliced open and his blood pumping out against the metal trough.

Wrinkling her nose and breathing through her mouth she began sawing swifter, not catching the attention of the two guys doing the acts but the older man with long hair to her left. Daryl had seen the youthfull doll fighting and cringing beside him, looking at her without moving his head he spotted she was sawing through the plastic that trussed her feet. She disregarded him after his eyes burned crevices in her skull, internally screaming in triumph as the zip tie gave and broke when another dude walked in. Y/n blocked out that conversation as well, quickly pushing the stick in the zip tie and sawing quicker in a more creative way because this was much more difficult. Her breathing quickened when they moved onto the stud next to the Asian boy next to her, her skin burned from the friction and her heart pounded in her chest. When Glenn noticed her moving he attempted not to acknowledge her in case she could actually make it, pics of Maggie flashing through his mind before their eyes met.

The look in his eyes only made her budge quicker and attempt stiffer, feeling the pressure ease from her wrist as the zip tie eventually broke. Now all she needed was a chance to attack, she wasn&rsquo,t going to be able to take the three studs present in the room. All she needed was for one to leave, that was all she needed to save Asian man&rsquo,s life and it was as if someone read her mind. A boom sounded and the earth shook around them, a series of gunshots later and the third man left the other two to proceed the festivities. Just as baseball bat fellow got ready to sway Y/n grabbed knife stud&rsquo,s arm and brought her knee to his face, when he went to touch his face she took the knife from him and stabbed him as hard as she could in the belly. And repeatedly. She shoved him to the floor and turned to the other boy who had a astonished look, he went to sway but she used her very first instinct and kicked him where the sun doesn&rsquo,t shine. He doubled over in ache and she shoved the knife in his neck, pulling it out and jiggling the blood from her arm with a breathe.

She ripped the makeshift gag out, stuffing it in her pocket because in the apocalypse you never know when fabric will come in handy. Y/n walked over to the guys, beginning to cut the two who hadn&rsquo,t gotten free already free and disregarding the inquisitive looks &ldquo,You&rsquo,ve got to hurry, with that amount of noise all the biters within a mile&rsquo,s radius will come running&rdquo,. They ran to the weapons and the older man who was on her left dragged her along, she grabbed her parent&rsquo,s weapons and hers along with everything they had with them. Once outside the guys ran one way and Y/n ran the other, this place was going down in flames and there was slew of stuff that she could take. She took all of their zip ties, even the ones on the now reanimating dead bods that she gave grace to and walked into another room to witness a woman shooting another. The woman attempted to call out to the y/h/c haired doll but she ran before the woman could, attempting to wade through the biters and get away from people.

She may have been youthful but Y/n knew that people weren&rsquo,t to be trusted, this was the reason she was so confused on why that man&rsquo,s passion made her want to save him. She climbed the fence and hopped back down, attempting not to sob out as she landed on her ankle wrong. The fence behind her collapsed and she groaned &ldquo,Fucking awesome!&rdquo,, will-less running away from the many walkers behind her as she attempted to navigate through the thicket. Her ankle screamed in protest and tears pricked her eyes, she shoved swifter as other zombies in the forest noticed her. She had learned that the creatures mostly relied on their smell and hearing, if she hid in a smelly thicket and threw one of her popping noisemakers in the other direction they&rsquo,d be dissipated enough for her to escape. Now all she needed to know is what thicket to hide in, a grotesque look told her what she&rsquo,d be hiding in. A biter must&rsquo,ve been deep throated up or something in front of a holly tree and it&rsquo,s remains were splattered all over it, tho’ absolutely revolting this was the only thing that&rsquo,d save her. She shoved into it and calmed her breathing, watching the biters sniff around clueless made her believe she truly made it.

She picked a handful of the noise makers out and chucked them against the furthest tree she could reach, just as she had hoped the brainless idiots all groaned and searched in that area leaving her a chance to book it. Y/n shoved through the branches and bit her lip to yet again keep from hissing in agony as the leaves poked her, it was painful but not as bad as her ankle. She advanced to a road, hearing somewhat familiar voices of people she couldn&rsquo,t name and just realizing any familiarity right now would be ideal. She burst from the tree line and the moment she eyed the group, she put her forearms up and shouted, &ldquo,Not Infected!&rdquo, so they all lowered their guns. &ldquo,What&rsquo,s your name?&rdquo, One of the boys from the lineup asked as he looked at the junior chick &ldquo,Y/n Y/l/n tormentor&rdquo,. &ldquo,How many walkers you kill?&rdquo, &ldquo,Too many to count&rdquo, &ldquo,How many people you kill?&rdquo, &ldquo,Four&rdquo, &ldquo,Why?&rdquo, &ldquo,They were bitten and begged me&rdquo,. &ldquo,Well Y/n Y/l/n my name is Rick Grimes and welcome to my group&rdquo, He said, sticking his forearm out that you shook. Maybe you should scream not infected at strangers more often&hellip,

Me: Jared Leto is hot.

Person: umm, aren&rsquo,t you like 16, he&rsquo,s 43.

Me: umm so im 16, i can still see, and LOOK AT THIS.

Tolkien is clear that while most Elves grew no facial hair, Cirdan the Shipwright had a beard. But he tells us little more than that the beard existed &ndash, we get (so far as I know) no explanation of its origin. Which means this is a topic for rampant speculative headcanons!

My theory starts from the premise that Elves aren&rsquo,t entirely smooth-faced. A little downy fuzz is typical, and some &ndash, especially older boys &ndash, can grow a few long, scraggly whiskers. For the most part, this hair would be treated as an embarrassing thing to be bald off, since it couldn&rsquo,t grow into a total beard of mustache.

Dwarves, meantime, are bearded, with thick, bushy hair on the faces of all genders. We know that when Elves very first met Dwarves, the encounter was not friendly. Thinking themselves to be the only sentient race, the Elves hunted the Dwarves for sport. Only later did they realize that the Dwarves were adopted Children of Iluvatar. The Dwarves&rsquo, beards are an visible point of difference with the Elves, and likely became a concentrate of racial stereotyping and disparagement. Perhaps Elves became extra-scrupulous about pruning once they came into contact with Dwarves, to distance themselves from this lesser and uglier folk.

Now let&rsquo,s turn to Cirdan. From his deeds across Tolkien&rsquo,s writings, he seems to be discreet, patient, and accepting of others. He minds his own business, but is committed to helping others (whether it be repelling a coastal attack against Hithlum, accepting refugees from all over Beleriand into the Havens of Sirion, passing his ring to Gandalf, or waiting for the last ship before coming to Valinor). It&rsquo,s hard to imagine Cirdan engaging in Dwarf-hunting. I would guess he found it childish and embarrassing at best when the Dwarves were regarded as animals, and shocking once he knew their real origin.

Cirdan lived far from any Dwarven realms at very first, but I see him as desiring friendship and being fascinated by Dwarven culture. Cirdan was, after all, a craftsman &ndash, and so he may have engaged in that sort of mutual admiration that can spring up inbetween artists working in insanely different media. And as part of that, he set to growing his beard out. We don&rsquo,t need to postulate that he was especially hirsute in his natural state, since he could doubtless cook up some Elvish Rogaine for his face. This wouldn&rsquo,t be done in a cultural appropriation sort of way, either. I can envision him having long discussions with Dwarf emissaries about beard care, and journeying to Nogrod or Belegost to have his braids done by the top Dwarven stylists.

All of this would have paid off well after the end of the Very first Age, when his home base shifted to Lindon, right at the doorstep of the Dwarvish realms of the Blue Mountains. His beard could then stand as a symbol of Elf-Dwarf friendship that was uncommon in other parts of Middle-earth.

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