So please tell me what you think?

So please tell me what you think?

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Glad Christmas and Blessed Acemas. I hope you love this behind the scenes movie of what I like to call Sandra’s Grotto! Wishing you the most wonderful Christmas and the most amazing 2018! Lots of love and hugs xx

Someone asked me how to come out as asexual to their beau and others, here was my advice! Hope it helps!

Honesty is way better in the long-term for you to live your life as your authentic self, however, it is best you prepare for protestations in advance and know not everyone may like what you have to say but to remain strong and adamant that you are asexual and be certain with it. Confidence is key.

Firstly, I would confide in a friend/s or family member/s who you believe would most likely take it well because they are open-minded – I would do this very first so you can see their reaction and also hopefully they will understand your situation and you can get them on side so it gives that initial confidence boost! It is not assured to work – but it helps if you have people who either back you up or just don’t mind about it. If you cannot get any support there and you need a confidence boost before telling others about it, go in Asexual Facebook groups or asexual online forums, so you can at least feel less alone and supported and have an outlet should things not go as planned or people proceed to be negative – however, be sure to go with the mindset that there is nothing wrong in being asexual, that there are thousands of people on the planet who are – a recorded 1%, that is 1 in every 100 people you are likely to be asexual – that is a good fact to tell people too, to help them understand it is actually more common than they think! Then tell others in order of importance and urgency.

I came out to my parents very first, I just told them in a certain and matter of fact way, that I think I am asexual and explained what it was, and by the 2nd conversation they said it sounds like me, and are far more understanding now then they have ever been, about me, my personality, and my life! But the very first friend I told was not good about it and said I just hadn’t met the right person yet. – So you can prepare to response that question with something like, ‘,yes, you are right, I just haven’t met the right asexual person yet!’ The reason this friend was adamant about me not being asexual, was in her opinion, I was always talking about guys and I explained that is because I liked them aesthetically and romantically. But not only that, I was under-confident about my asexuality back then and wishy-washy with it, and not strong and speaking with conviction, if I had been adamant, and certain, it would have helped tremendously, so reminisce to be the most certain you can possibly be!

In terms of your beau – meet up with him in private and sit him down and explain to him about asexuality and what it is and how that impacts you and makes you feel. Explain how significant he is to you and how much you love him and trust him and that you feel so convenient with him that you desired to tell him how you feel, that you would have liked to have collective this with him before, but did not know how to go about it and now feel more certain in telling. (It’s significant to use feeling words and put the emphasis or you being responsible for your asexuality). Permit him time to ask questions, think, and come to terms with it. You can say, I realise this may be fresh to you but I want us to grow stronger and closer together through sharing this with you. Then take it from there. I hope that helps. I am also at

Also, has some excellent info.

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