There Are Dating Sites Exclusively For Stoners, Cultured Vultures

There Are Dating Sites Exclusively For Stoners, Cultured Vultures

People who smoke weed sometimes have trouble addressing the subject, ranging from the searing desire to ask that taboo question to a potential fresh landlord in a Grateful Dead T-shirt to despairingly attempting to make it in and out of the Chinese takeaway before anyone notices how hilariously baked you are, but perhaps the thorniest issue is dating. At some stage or another, your potential playmate is going to find out, you might tell them and hope they’re OK with it, they might see that Samurai Jack and Friday are your most observed items on Netflix or they might just get enough of a whiff of your bedroom to figure it out, but it’ll happen. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s awkward and sometimes it’s a full-on deal-breaker.

Gratefully, there’s now a means of getting it out of the way before anything else. and are dating sites for stoners, presumably by stoners. The former is off the hook to the US whilst the latter is purportedly global. This does mean that many users are in fact willfully implicating themselves in illegal activity, but love conquers all. All it essentially does is eliminate the stigmatizing question from the equation before any real evaluation starts. It makes sense, people outside of the circle sometimes have a pretty dim of view of cannabis users, regardless of how strenuous the use might be, whether-as other cannabis users aren’t going to care one way or the other, but at least you know from the outset.

It’s worth bearing in mind that these sites aren’t aimed purely at the kind of stereotypical pot-smokers that crawled out of one of Glen Beck’s nightmares in a haze of dreadlocks, tie-dye and mangy festival entry bands, this is for anyone who’s looking for a fresh playmate, has no issue with weed and doesn’t want it to cause an issue moving forward. There’s so much less gravitas to it now that people from all walks of life are becoming more overt about their green fingers, there’s no common denominator anymore. In the past I’ve found simply sharing a spliff with someone to be a pretty good ice-breaker, but I’ve also been in situations where the mere mention of it even in passing has cultivated some excruciating awkward muffle, like I’d just admitted to being a brony (I’m not, I cannot stress that enough). In a sense this format also provides one article of common ground before the conversation even starts, which eliminates one of online dating’s largest issues right off the bat. So if you’re looking for someone to buy that set of matching bongs with, or fancy reenacting that scene from Ghost with a cross-joint instead of clay, these are the sites for you.

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