Advice about Dating and psoriasis

Advice about Dating and psoriasis

The elephant in the room.

. feeling excited Gideon @gideonjt

Am I missing something? AFK for a few weeks. Hahahaha!

. feeling sad omer @omer1
. feeling alone Dennis @dennis67
. feeling sad AngelKatushev @angelkatushev

Having psoriasis is difficult, adding arthritis to it makes it worse, but being gay. This could be nightmare sometimes. 🙁

. feeling alone sandy @prathi

im so desperate because I can’t embark a relationship because I fear to expose how I look like and get refused by someone I love

. feeling excited mkjashim @mkjashim
. feeling blessed Dennis @dennis67

So blessed for a wonderful beautiful Friday

. feeling insecure Jack @jack2
. feeling alone Buhle @buhle

Looking for someone to vibe with?? Don’t judge ????? you’re not ideal yourself, you’re far from perfection????

. feeling sad Gina @gina2

Sad to say that it’s been two years now since I had a accomplish hysterectomy and my psoriasis and my arthritis is so much worse and my skin because I d I’ve had a heart attack with two stents in the past 7 years all the stuff is bad for your skin

. feeling excited Susan @godcares

Oh my. My beau is coming to town. Attempting to find a romantic coffee shop to go to. Now, is this a good stress? LOL. Fairly excited. Going on a brief motorbike excursion very first but not long. Kind of cool.

. feeling glad Dennis @dennis67
. feeling excited Jammie @james5

Am fresh here. any tips?

. feeling excited Deleted account
. feeling frustrated Kelly. Yuhas @KellyyuhasCom

HI, my name is Kelly,ivebeen suffering from what began out as soriasis, to psoriatic and severe itching, I have a bad liver sorosis, so there’s many treatments I cannot do. Any suggestions for discussed me?

. feeling proud Gideon @gideonjt

If you have all the money in the world, can you bring me with you? lol. hahahaha!

. feeling frustrated Lisa @lisa3301

I have had it since the age of Five did anyone find out that youthful ?

. feeling glad Gideon @gideonjt

Where are the people here? WTP!? Lol.

. feeling frustrated Rains @rains

Dang need to buy fresh socks again.

. feeling eased Gideon @gideonjt

Does Psor Arthritis like a muscle sprain?

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