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Hello, I want a list of Turkish companies with their contact info for lead generation Thanks

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Hello, our company is [url liquidated, login to view] [url eliminated, login to view] ONLY sells earrings, so we need a l. DON',T want anything SIMILAR. Two) We want something Fresh, UNIQUE and Titillating. Three) Sample photo is just for you to have an idea. (Don',t get confused. [url eliminated, login to view] is just the Turkish translation of [url eliminated, login to view].

Hello Dear My name is murat ,I am from turkey we are egg incubator saler ,which company work only for turkish region. we have Two keywords for my business ( 1- kuluç,ka makinesi 2- kuluç,ka makinas? ) now we are in google very first page on the 6 th we want to be in very first rank our web site is [url eliminated, login to view] we have to do that brief time line

. these books will be in it interactively. You can check for the example pictures. There will be buttons at the parts writes Turkish and English numbers. When you click the Turkish written number button there will be voice for Turkish, and when you click English written number button there will be voice for English. We can use a form like google voice. With

I need a Turkish designer for drawing picture of cebreting Bayrami/Eid day in Turkey. You have to understand the turkish culture or its a no-go. Turkish designer, who are aware of all sensitivities religious issues, and can tell which pictures/symbols match with each other, which combination of pictures and symbols give the message that i want

Writing 250 words articles about the topics to be given. Every article will be ready in both Turkish and English. A bilingual group of Turkish and English articles will be accepted as one. Every set will be 250 bilingual articles (250 Turkish + 250 English articles = 500 articles in total) Your suggest will be for a set of 250 bilingual articles

Looking for English to Turkish Translation Max 250-300 words per article Your suggest should cover 250 articles per package 30 sets of articles per month will be translated for the project. Therefore the total number of articles will be 7500 articles. The project duration will be Four months. The plus 1 year extension option is based on spectacle

. Somali 103 Albanian 104 Serbian 105 Swedish 106 Swahili 107 Syriac 108 Silesian 109 Tamil 110 Telugu 111 Tajik 112 Thai 113 Turkmen 114 Filipino 115 Klingon 116 Turkish 117 Tatar 118 Tamazight 119 Ukrainian 120 Urdu 121 Uzbek 122 Vietnamese 123 Wolof 124 Xhosa 125 Yiddish 126 Yoruba 127 Simplified Chinese (China) 128 Zulu 129

. 14) Flash 15) Auto CAD 16) Google Adwods 17) Accounting Eighteen) Language Tanslators (French, Spanish, Sweden, [url eliminated, login to view], Dutch,German, Indonesian, Italian,Norwegian,Turkish) Nineteen) C Programming and C++ Programming 20) SQL and MYSQL Programming 21) Microsoft Access Developer 22) Delphi Programming 25) Ruby2Rail 26) HTML 27) Google Sheets

. had to repost the project due to technical issue in the very first time*** Hello I need native speaker in Turkish with strong grammar abilities ( because being native speaker alone is NOT enough) to create collection of MCQ in turkish grammar based on materials I will provide. I will give you a booklet divided into ch apters, you will create q uestions

. automatically – Online Learning System (LMS) for employee education online with module system with different levels. (its for online training education for employees The questions should be effortless to edit. Movies should be effortless also added to the modules. The Employee should not be able skip the module before he ended it. – online multi step Form

. The app should use location service. It should connect Google maps(Android)/Maps(IOS) for navigate user to the selected near dentists location. The App Language will be Turkish and available in Turkey. The software should be created according to the concept designs. The necessary visuals, graphics and arts provided by us. We have our graphic designer

Good day, My company looking for professional and native Turkish active sales specialist, that can speak englsih. We are suggesting project job: searching for a dental trading companies. For this project we will pay immobile price. 2nd step of this project: contact with potential clients and get inquiry of our catalog. Will pay motionless price per each

We need music movie website. And we. from youtube captions.. subtitles will work with movies same time. subtitles will host our website. ",We will add english music movies from youtube and we would like add Turkish subtitles Subtitles sould work together with movie [url eliminated, login to view] is a sample Combining youtube and amara one website", Best Regards

Translate the linked files per the following: File 1: Arabic to Turkish File Two: Turkish to Arabic and English

Hello Affixed excel file contains around 5300 Turkish words and their english translations. Your task is to create 1 elementary/straightforward numerous choice question for each word. All questions will be in this form: The word _________ Means: A) B)C)D) ? Example: The word ",Kedi", means: A)DOG B)CAT C)FROG D)Lion Each

need to translate a bunch of turkish talks please translate this affixed sample so we can award project to you

. me via email only. For five Turkish language Property Portals, Read website portal Terms and conditions, liaise with client about terms and conditions in English, upload jpeg files, accomplish form data on-line, liaise with client about feedback received from portals. Candidates should be fluent in English and Turkish, computer literate and internet

. band group. I will send a photo of the band group to designer and will ask him/her to modify it and make it suitable for fresh year. All scriptures on the poster must be in Turkish. Don',t worry I will help you for translation. and givr you peak what to write on it. Dimensions will be 50×70 cm. (Width x Lenght). The photo of band group will be sent later

. band group. I will send a photo of the band group to designer and will ask him/her to modify it and make it suitable for fresh year. All scriptures on the poster must be in Turkish. Don',t worry I will help you for translation. and givr you peak what to write on it. Dimensions will be 50×70 cm. (Width x Lenght). The photo of band group will be sent later

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