How to meet girls after college and date them properly

College life doesn’t always prepare us for a real word. It doesn’t only come to the adult life struggles but also to some dating problems, as dating after your college years will be completely different from what you have experienced before.

Post-college dating will definitely surprise you with the new rules for this dating game. So don’t be surprised if you’ll find yourself asking how to meet girls after college, even if in your teens you’ve been a dating king. Follow these tips to master your dating skills and find new advantages of dating after college.

Online dating is not for losers

Everyone has at least that one friend who had found their love on the Internet. Still, most of the young people consider online dating as something laughable and don’t really take into the consideration the possibility to meet their future partner in there.

However, online dating is more than just swiping photos of strangers who supposedly live in your area. It’s a time-saving tool that allows you to meet your perfect match no matter where you are and what you are doing. It also gives you a possibility to meet someone who has the same interests and life values as you (and you’ll never know that when you are meeting a girl in the bar).

Money will be an issue

You never actually thought about yours or your partner’s finances back in college. But now you start focusing on how much your partner earns and will you be able to provide her with the quality of life she’s used to. It’s not only about who is paying for the drinks anymore. You should also think about making a family in the future or living together.

Meeting someone at the bar won’t lead to a serious relationship

At college, it may seem that buying a girl drinks will lead to a conversation and a potential date. But in real life, it’s a bit more complicated. Flirting with a girl at the bar will be fun but it’ll rarely lead to a serious relationship. According to a survey, less than 10% of men and women have started their relationships with someone they had met at a bar or club.

Stay single for a while

It’s not a good idea to start a relationship just because you are afraid of ending up single and miserable. Try to turn your loneliness from fear to a tool you can use. Staying single for a while and enjoying it will give you more confidence and probably will clear up your idea of an “adult dating”.

Don’t rush into marriage

Sometimes you look at your parents and think “They have already had a family at my age and I still can’t decide what I’m doing with my life”. Well, you should know that you probably won’t get married at the same age as your parents did. Firstly, it’s well-known that each generation is getting married later and later. So don’t compare yourself with your parents and your grandparents. And secondly, getting married is not about the age but about being ready to settle down. So don’t rush into something serious if you are not actually ready for it.

Men up and reject people

College dating is usually much less serious and doesn’t last long. But when you start an adult romantic life, you are getting more picky about who you should date. It’s totally normal to know what are you looking for and not to waste your time on people who are not going to make a good match with you. So don’t be afraid to say “no” to people. Rejecting someone who doesn’t make your perfect match will not only save your time for finding someone better for you, but will also help your crush to get over it more quickly and maybe find someone better for them as well.

Knowing some rules how to meet girls after college may help you to improve your dating life and easily find a long-term relationship.

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