Love, Dating, Lovemaking, and Relationship Advice for Women – YouQueen

Love, Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice for Women – YouQueen

Who says date night has to be expensive to be good? Ditch those diamonds, here’s why budget date nights with your S.O may be better than splashing the cash!

Attempting to determine what to wear for your bf in bed? You are not alone. Here’s how to feel good and sexy at such an significant moment in a relationship.

Do you have that special colleague that you can’t stop thinking about? Do you just love talking to him? Here’re 8 signs you are having an emotional affair.

Use this ultimate winter date ideas list with your special man and love a winter wonderland. We’ll demonstrate you how to keep things arousing, romantic and joy!

There is no other reason for your ex to text you unless he is attempting to waste your time even more. Find out what Five things not to do when your ex texts you.

Ever wondered how average-looking women get “the best” boys to put a diamond ring on their fingers? It’s no accident. They use some of these 9 secrets.

Knowing how to keep your romance alive can be fairly hard, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a very long time. So, we are here to help you!

Albeit you are married, it doesn’t mean you should stop putting work into a relationship or switch yourself. Read on to learn how to be the ideal wifey.

Some women seem to have a hard time telling people exactly what they want, even tho’ it is fully natural. Here’re Ten hot things women love in bed.

Dating can be fairly titillating if you’ve found someone you match with, but it can also be energy draining. Here’re top reasons to take a break from dating.

Lovemaking is fine, but there are always going to be things that are slightly better than that. Here are some non-sexual things that are much better than hook-up.

Yes, man can get enormously excited during an intercourse, which can lead to hook-up lasting much shorter than you’d want to. Here’s how to make him last longer.

Love can be amazing, but it also has a tendency to fade, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship. Here’s how to keep him interested in you forever!

Feeling stressed about dating? It’s not your fault. It’s just the way that modern dating is. Read on to find out why feeling this way is entirely okay

If you’re single, you’re most likely thinking of finding a date online. You might worry what people would say, but you shouldn’t be ashamed of dating online.

Not every boy who dumps their gf is blessed with the decision they made. Some are regretful of ending it. Is your ex regretful? Find it out here!

Breakups are painful for both the one being cracked up with and also for the one who has to break up. Here’re tips on how to break up with him like an adult.

It hurts to detect that you’re the backup plan of the fellow you gave your heart to. It’s even worse when this discovery happens when you’re already in love.

Going on your very first vacation with beau is always a little scary. You never know what to expect! But, remembering these things will undoubtedly help you!

The harsh truth is that most of your relationships won’t end up joyfully. That’s painful, but you’ll protect your heart if you recognize the signs on time.

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