Total rip off site, Review 320735, Complaints Board

Total rip off site, Review 320735, Complaints Board


I’ve learned to google now before signing up and providing credit information as it is so hard to get it back/get them to stop taking money.

I’ had an issue with a nasty member and all I got back from the company were poorly written and not relevant form letters.

It’s all about reeling you in and keeping you money.

And a wealth of opportunities for the scammers from all over the world.

And how do we all know we are getting scammed? How about those fresh emails/messages that are all obviously written in a foreign language and auto translated to English? And funny how we can get the same email/message but from a different user name? If you call them on it, they say someone hacked into their account. yeah, uh hum. that’s if they reply after you rat them out.

And then attempting to contact the company – I know for a fact we were never even dealing with someone from this country!

And when contacting the company about a rude, obnoxious member, and you send them all the proof of the obnoxious, rude member, that member is still on and harassing others – I have all my written correspondence with this company – perhaps you’d like to see and read it yourself before telling us to go find someone in an alley or bar.

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