I feel like internet dating is only for older people and I’m skeptical ill actually find anyone.

I feel like internet dating is only for older people and I'm skeptical ill actually find anyone.

My friend told me zoosk was a internet dating website for junior people. Any truth to this? I feel like internet dating is only for older people and I’m skeptical ill actually find anyone. Anyone with actual practice dating online?

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I was 21 when I attempted the dating sites because I kept meeting all kinds of drains and i desired a man who was going to treat me right. I then met a man on okcupid and he was Two.Five hours away. I thought it would never work out. Three years later, I am getting married to that fellow. He wasn’t the social type either so him attempting a dating site was the best thing for him. He was working at a call center and it was late night shifts, didn’t have a reliable car to go out on dates. he has a better job now and is working from home so when he moved to be with me he didn’t have to worry about finding a job.

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I used to, but I kept on getting non serious, one night stand requests, which I wasn’t looking for.. Maybe if I stayed on them a little longer I would of found a nice boy, but I found that meeting people was better than talking to people online

Actually, yes! It’s becoming more and more popular!

What would be a good way to message someone on a site?

I think I would look at their interests and embark talking about those more in depth. If you have a band in common, ask their beloved song and why. Maybe if they have a specific memory fastened to it. Mention your beloved song by them and if any memories are affixed. Commence easing into more serious talk, like puny political views. (Nothing too deep it might turn people away, unless you agree!) If you come to a disagreement, switch the subject with another question, before telling you disagree.

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No, i used to prank around there for joy.

Yes they do but mist people that age meet people in person

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Yes zoosk, slew of fish, are a duo of free internet dating sites. There are people of all ages there.

Yes you can just talk with people. But if you actually want to meet them. You might want to be able to go and do it. and not just sit in the parking lot staring at the building.

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