Top eHarmony Alternatives & Sites Like

Top eHarmony Alternatives & Sites Like

A social networking service to meet fresh people and play joy games, the service was founded in 2005 and serves as a platform to socialize.

  • 159.3k Web page mentions
  • 280.2k Daily visitors
  • Almost same popularity
  • 1.3M Web pages
  • Country: Global

Blend with singles in your area using an online dating service. The service offers tons of vibrant singles suggesting casual hookups, arrangements and more.

  • 51.3k Web page mentions
  • 245.4k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 42% more site popularity
  • 72.8k Web pages
  • Country: Global

Meet mature and trustworthy singles for 50 plus dating. Connect for love, commitment and relationship.

  • 920.4k Web page mentions
  • 229.3k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 37% less site popularity
  • 92.9k Web pages
  • Country: Global is the No. 1 online Dating site in the world! There are MORE matches, MORE dating, MORE marriages through our site than any other dating sites!

  • 37.3M Web page mentions
  • 1.4M Daily visitors
  • Overall higher popularity
  • Two.6M Web pages
  • Country: Global

Do you wanna meet some fresh people? is a platform for uploading pictures and talking with fresh, like-minded people.

  • 79.6k Web page mentions
  • 967.2k Daily visitors
  • Overall higher popularity
  • 492.6k Web pages
  • Country: Global

Join, the online dating service for joy, uncompromising and unintrusive dating for singles in your area.

  • 193.4k Web page mentions
  • 103.5k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 189% less site popularity
  • 8k Web pages
  • Country: Global

Meet, talk, date and make friends from over Five million people on Ilikeyou is an online dating site where you can meet fresh people and make them friends from all over the world.

  • 15.4k Web page mentions
  • 55.6k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 229% less site popularity
  • 924 Web pages
  • Country: Global

Looking for a soulmate? Your search is over. Thanks to, eligible singles need not worry. Find your ideal match at now!

  • 9.5k Web page mentions
  • 38.3k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 238% less site popularity
  • 6.4k Web pages
  • Country: Global is one of the leading web platforms that permit users to talk with each other through talk boxes and users can share photos online.

  • 241.3k Web page mentions
  • 34k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 244% less site popularity
  • Three.3M Web pages
  • Country: Global

FirstMet is an online dating website that provides a platform to singles to meet and talk with other mature singles nearby within minutes.

  • 12.5k Web page mentions
  • 81.2k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 246% less site popularity
  • 64k Web pages
  • Country: Global

  • 6.6k Web page mentions
  • 39.3k Daily visitors
  • Estimated 284% less site popularity
  • 25.9k Web pages
  • Country: Global is the Jewish based online dating portal where you can find like-minded single masculine and females. Sign-in now and commence dating with your fucking partner today for free!

  • 591.8k Web page mentions
  • Eighteen.9k Daily visitors
  • Overall lower popularity
  • 106.7k Web pages
  • Country: Global is a free online dating site, which permits talking, voice recordings, matches among the 40 million singles.

  • Three.5M Web page mentions
  • 40.3k Daily visitors
  • Overall lower popularity
  • 835.2k Web pages
  • Country: Global

Single and want to meet that special someone? Visit an online dating service suggesting quality search for the right fucking partner from a thick database of potential singles.

  • 11.6k Web page mentions
  • 36.2k Daily visitors
  • Overall lower popularity
  • 1.5k Web pages
  • Country: Global

Singles can now use a free online website to connect. The site enables single guys and women to network and meet for casual dates and hook-ups.

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