EHarmony Free Trial Account

EHarmony Free Trial Account

Until recently, there was no eHarmony free trial you could take advantage of, but this has fortunately switched for the better. Not long ago, eHarmony made some significant switches to their website, and it is now possible for people to join the site, create a profile, receive matches, and communicate with other members for free.

To begin using eHarmony for free, click the link below:

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About the Free Trial Suggest

Obviously, there are some limitations on the free trial, and you will need to upgrade to a paid membership to love the total range of benefits suggested by eHarmony.

The main confinements on free memberships are as goes after:

  1. You are not able to view photos of other members. This can be a major issue for some issues, since, as the telling goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But having said that, you can still read the profiles and get a general idea of the type of people you are being matched with. You can therefore gauge how good the matches in terms of individual characteristics, even however you can’t see an picture of the person.
  2. Only guided communication is permitted. If you don’t know what guided communication is, it is essentially an initial stage of communication where you send people pre-written questions. Matches are often required to reaction using a multiple-choice format. Guided communications permits you to communicate in a limited way, but is still a far sob from open-ended exchanges or emails or IMs.

More information about guided communication is available on the eHarmony website.

After going through three stages of guided communication, you can begin openly exchanging email messages, but if you upgrade your account. For paid members, guided communication, however, is not required (albeit it’s recommended). If you want to skip to sending an open message to a match, you can do so.

  • Once set up, your free account never expires.
  • You can take the personality test and receive a personality profile for free.
  • You can set up your dating profile and upload photos.
  • After setting up your profile, you can receive matches on a daily basis for as long as you like.
  • You can communicate with your matches using guided communication.
  • No photos of matches can be viewed.
  • Email messages are not permitted until you upgrade.

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Best Ways Save Money and Obtain Coupons

You can get promo codes for eHarmony, but usually they are only good for long-term subscriptions that have a duration of 6 months or longer. While some users may be tempted to obtain a month-to-month subscription, this is generally not a wise thing to you, as your monthly price will be the highest this way. To put things into perspective, the monthly cost is almost $60 if you pay monthly, while the rate can go all the way to $20 or less if you choose a longer term membership.

To get the latest eHarmony coupons, click the link on the right-hand menu of this site. Presently, you can get a discount that permits you to get 72% off the regular monthly rate.

A Note About Free Communication Weekends

Every once in a while, eHarmony runs a promotion called Free Communication Weekends. Usually, these events last Four days and tend to take place during extended weekends. During these events, all people who have a free account will be able to use the site as if they had a paid membership. This is an ideal time to give the eHarmony site a attempt, since you can use the site without any confinements. It’s hard to predict when the next Free Communication Weekend will take place, as they aren’t always announced in advance. That is why it’s a good idea to have a free account already established with eHarmony. This way, you can choose to be notified by email when such events take place.

Final Thoughts

While eHarmony’s algorithm has many believers, it does have its share of critics. To learn more about how the matchmaking algorithm works, we recommend reading this NY Times article.

In keeping with latest technological developments in the world of online dating, the site offers a dating app for both android and iPhone users. eHarmony mobile, as it’s called is available from Google Play, Apple App Store, and Windows Store.

There is no question that eHarmony does work miracles for many people who have not had luck with dating using other methods. While the eHarmony free trial is a good place to commence, you will need to get a paid membership at some point to take utter advantage of everything the site has to suggest.

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