What 50-Year-Old Fellows Want In Bed

What 50-Year-Old Men Want In Bed

It’s effortless to think that all fellows want the same thing in bed. But, as boys age and mature, so do their wants and needs. What 50-year-old dudes want in bed is significantly different than what studs in their 20s or 30s want. By their 50s, older dudes have found what works and what doesn’t work for them socially and sexually, and they want a woman who understands their needs, as well as her own.

So, do you want to know how to truly please a man in his 50s in inbetween the sheets? Here are seven things fellows in mid-life are looking for sexually:

A paramour who is certain in bed.

A paramour who can communicate in bed.

A paramour who is spontaneous.

A paramour he knows he can please.

A man’s number one sexual need is to please their playmate. Therefore, it’s significant that you let him know just how pleased you are. “When a man is his 50s, he wants to be with a woman who he knows he can sate because she will let him know. He doesn’t want to be with a woman who will fake orgasms or pleasure, or who will spend all her time just attempting to make him glad in bed,” says Nelson. In other words, when he knows his woman is pleased, it makes him feel powerful and competent in bed.

More than “just sex”.

A paramour, not a mother or child.

Guys in their 50s know that they might not be as virile and vigorous in the sack as they once were. Because of this, a little pat on the back is appreciated. If an older gentleman is making you feel good, don’t be bashful about it, be noisy and clear that what he’s doing makes you feel sensational. Many older—and even younger—men would agree that telling a man what feels good is a turn-on. Telling him what he’s doing wrong is not. And if you’re bashful about verbalizing your erotic emotions, bellowing and groaning is just as effective.

Recall, what 50-year-old dudes want in bed is different from what junior boys expect. They’re more experienced, a little bit older and a little bit wiser, and have a better idea of what they want and what they love. Like in other aspects of a relationship, as you grow older you have a better idea of what does and doesn’t work for you. Listen to your fucking partner, speak to him about what you want, and find your way together. He’ll appreciate it, and so will you.

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