Dating with Chronic Illness: Tips to Simplify Things

Every relationship can be hard and full of obstacles, but usually, they are the ones which can be overcome easily. Things get worse when one of the partners gets diagnosed with a chronic illness. Then you start having bad thoughts like “What will I do if his/her health breaks down? I won’t get far… Taking care of this person is not the only thing I have to do… But the feeling of guilt keeps eating me inside… “

If you are the one who has a chronic illness, it’s even harder. You always think that you are a burden for another person and that you will never feel happy again because of you and your illness.

Unfortunately, not everyone in such situation has managed to survive through this press of problems related to the illness issue, but that doesn’t mean that your relationships are doomed.

So what is the secret of happiness in such difficult conditions? At first, you and your partner need to consider the illness as their common enemy. It’s natural because if one of the partners is ill both of them are affected. So you have to struggle against difficulties together.  

Moreover, statistics show that the couples who made their peace with the circumstances and adjusted to them really manage to save their relationships.

Be attentive to one another

Always think about the things you can do for your partner to support him/her and facilitate the situation. Watch the nature, walk together, enjoy every moment you share.

Make a reasonable schedule

Try to shift your thoughts from the illness to good this regularly. Does this illness let you do something you enjoyed doing together before it came into your life? If not, try something new, even something really simple like reading to each other. Or if you think it’s too easy, try learning a foreign language together. The most important thing is that in spite of the illness you will have common interests and stuff to do together.

Another way to shift from your illness is to socialize and not shrink into yourself. You’ll make it all worse. Talk to other people, invite somebody for dinner… It will refresh your life and your thoughts.  

If you are the one who is dating with a chronic illness don’t forget about yourself and try to schedule some time for yourself in order to relax in a quiet atmosphere.

Maintain a positive mood

Do not focus on the illness. Try to feel happy about the fact that everyone’s alive and still close to you. The most important thing is to make peace with the current circumstances and not to surrender.

Talk about a good thing with each other, appreciate even small health improvements, imagine how many happy moments are waiting for you in the future.

We hope these tips will help you unite with your partner and fight every obstacle together, even if it seems too hard to overcome.

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